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5 most powerful protection stones

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Meet the 5 most powerful protection stones

Take control of your energy and surround yourself with the five most effective protective crystals mother nature has created for us.

Toxic people

When it comes to toxic people or negative energy, we’ve all experienced it. It is exhausting. We may have felt psychologically attacked (when negative energy such as ill-wishes, jealousy or hatred is directed toward us), or we may have been caught up in drama at work or in a group of friends, leaving us exhausted. When we experience negative emotions, we become vulnerable, disrupt our self-esteem and make those around us unhappy. Negativity can also come from within ourselves – our thoughts, emotions and bad habits can be our worst enemy.

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Crystals are able to help

Fortunately, crystals can help us restore our natural energy balance. Their powerful healing properties can attract positivity, raise our vibration and remove unwanted energy from the aura. They can balance and protect our sacred energy while strengthening our energetic force field. These gifts from mother nature can be placed in the home to prevent bad vibrations from entering, or carried with you as a protective talisman to ward off anything that is not in line with your vibration. Most importantly, they can provide stability, inner strength and confidence to face negative people or situations that threaten your energy balance.

Which stones are worth wearing ?

Here are five of the most effective crystals for warding off negative emotions.

Black tourmaline for cleansing the home and protecting against electromagnetic fields.

One of the most effective stones for cleansing and protection. Black tourmaline is a powerful blocker of all kinds of negativity and can protect against psychic attacks and heal on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Its powerful protective properties absorb EMF radiation (electromagnetic pollution from electrical appliances) and keep your space energetically clean. This black stone effectively transmutes dark feelings, stress or anxious vibrations, and then creates a barrier between you and negative forces. Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for balancing the base chakra, the energetic center associated with safety, stability and security. Working with this stone can boost confidence, inner strength. Placing a piece of black tourmaline at doors and entrances will keep your space free of unwanted energies.

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How to use it ?

Hold the black tourmaline while meditating and visualize what you want to protect yourself from. Carry it with you to shield your energy and strengthen your resistance to energy vampires and negative emotions. You can also place it next to electrical devices such as phones, laptops, TVs and WiFi routers to neutralize EMF radiation.

Mountain crystal for enhanced protection

Mountain crystal is known as a master healer in the crystal kingdom. It is a powerful energy amplifier, and its energies are associated with clarity, insight and inner vision. It can absorb and release energy and is one of the best stones for manifestation. The mountain crystal resonates with all chakras, while releasing any blockages in the energy body. It dissolves confusion and sharpens awareness, making you more alert to detect negative people or situations. This versatile stone can be programmed according to your intentions or healing needs. The mountain crystal is a wonderful stone for anyone on their journey.

How to use it ?

Place it with another protective crystal to enhance its energy. Meditate with the mountain crystal by placing your own protective intention in the stone. You can also keep a clear quartz nearby when you want to improve concentration and focus.

Selenite for cleansing energy

Selenite has a high vibration that cleanses and elevates energy in any space. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, this crystal strongly connects to the higher dimensions and cosmic realms. Selenite’s pure vibrations flood your space with white light, making it easy to create a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite removes negative influences like an air purifier and allows a steady flow of positive energy in your space. Selenite is associated with the higher chakras, specifically the crown chakra, the energy center associated with spirituality, enlightenment and the higher realms. It is believed to remove confusion and blockages from the body and build a deeper connection to source. Its ethereal properties make it an excellent tool to aid meditation or spiritual work.

How to use it ?

Place a piece of selenite in the four corners of your home to activate a protective grid and circuit the flow of positive energy in your space. Place selenite in your bedroom to promote relaxation, peaceful sleep and clear your mind of clutter. Place it under your pillow to enhance dreams and better recall them. Use selenite to charge other crystals by placing crystals on it or next to it.

Amethyst for emotional protection

Amethyst is a protective stone known for its powerful cleansing powers and meditative properties. This semi-precious stone has long been associated with protection. In ancient times, soldiers in Europe used it as an amulet to provide them with protection. The ancient Greeks believed it protected against drunkenness and overindulgence, which is why today it is commonly referred to as the “stone of sobriety.” Amethyst is believed to bring serenity, encourage spiritual wisdom and inspire. Its deeply calm energy provides emotional protection – relieving stress, fear, panic and overwhelm. Amethyst helps calm an overactive mind and provide emotional strength in times of stress. It is often used in crystal healing to help overcome addictions, help achieve better sleep and alleviate nightmares.

How to use it ?

Place the amethyst in the center of the room to create a peaceful vibration in your space. You can also place a piece of amethyst under your pillow to ensure a restful sleep and alleviate insomnia, or put the crystal in your bath to regain peace of mind. Work with amethyst when you want to overcome addictions or break bad habits. You can also place other crystals next to amethyst to cleanse and recharge them.

Black obsidian to ward off negative emotions

This mystical stone is revered by healers and shamans around the world. It is a stone associated with purification, transformation and metamorphosis. Obsidian, a black volcanic glass, calls us to unleash our inner power. It blocks geopathic stress and repels psychic attacks (ill wishes, jealousy or any negative energy sent in your direction), and directs it back to the sender. Its truth-promoting properties expose negative patterns and bring them to light. Nothing can hide from obsidian – making it an effective crystal for deep, soul-healing self-reflection. Use it as a tool to release unhealthy attachments, sever ties with toxic energy and people who do not serve you. Since obsidian always absorbs negative energy, it requires regular cleansing.

How to use it ?

Carry black obsidian with you to protect yourself from energy vampires – it is especially useful when you enter a new environment or meet new people. Work with black obsidian when you want to cut emotional ties or attachments – place a piece of it on your front door and at entrances to keep unwanted energies from entering your space.


Crystals and crystal healing are only meant to complement other therapies and support our overall well-being. Crystals should not be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical treatment.

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