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A powerful Wicca love spell to get your partner back

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Wicca, a modern pagan, nature-based religion, is known for its diverse magical practices, including love magic. Love magic in Wicca is a deeply spiritual and ritualistic way to enhance love, attraction, and romantic connections. In this article, we will explore the use of lapis lazuli and a white candle in a Wicca love spell, shedding light on the symbolism, the steps involved, and the intention behind this powerful combination.

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The Significance of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful deep blue gemstone that has been cherished for centuries for its spiritual and healing properties. In Wicca, gemstones are often associated with various energies and intentions, and lapis lazuli is no exception. When it comes to love magic, lapis lazuli plays a crucial role due to its specific qualities:

  1. Clarity and Communication: Lapis lazuli is known for enhancing communication, both with oneself and with others. In the context of love magic, this means that it can help you express your feelings and desires clearly, facilitating better understanding and connection in your romantic relationships.
  2. Self-Confidence: This gemstone can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, making you feel more attractive and lovable. It empowers you to love and value yourself, a critical foundation for attracting and maintaining healthy love relationships.
  3. Harmony and Peace: Lapis lazuli promotes peace and harmony in your relationships. It can help reduce conflicts and misunderstandings, fostering a more loving and harmonious atmosphere in your romantic life.

The White Candle in Wiccan Love Magic

White candles are a versatile and widely used tool in various magical practices, including Wiccan love magic. They are associated with purity, clarity, and illumination. In love magic, white candles serve several essential purposes:

  1. Purity and Cleansing: White candles are often used to purify the energy and intentions of the spell. They help clear any negative or stagnant energies that may be hindering the flow of love and attraction.
  2. Illumination: White candles symbolize enlightenment and the shedding of light on matters of the heart. They can help you gain insight into your love life, allowing you to see your desires and intentions more clearly.
  3. Clarity and Focus: White candles can assist in focusing your intentions and thoughts on the love spell. They help you channel your energy and intentions with purity and precision.

Combining Lapis Lazuli and a White Candle in a Love Spell

Now, let’s delve into how to combine lapis lazuli and a white candle in a Wicca love spell:

Materials Needed:

  • A lapis lazuli gemstone
  • A white candle
  • A small piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A quiet and sacred space


  1. Preparation: Begin by finding a quiet and sacred space where you can perform your love spell without interruptions. Cleanse your space by smudging with sage or incense, allowing the smoke to purify the energy around you.
  2. Setting Intentions: Take a few moments to meditate on your intentions for the love spell. Be clear about what you desire in your love life, whether it’s attracting a new love or enhancing an existing relationship.
  3. Writing Your Intentions: On the small piece of paper, write down your love intentions. Be specific, positive, and realistic in your wording. For example, you can write, “I attract a loving and supportive partner who shares my values and interests.”
  4. Charging the Lapis Lazuli: Hold the lapis lazuli in your hand and focus on your written intentions. Visualize the energy of the lapis lazuli merging with your desires. See the gemstone glowing with a vibrant blue light.
  5. Lighting the White Candle: Place the white candle in a safe holder and light it. As the candle burns, let its flame represent the illumination of your intentions and the clarity of your desires.
  6. Speaking Your Intentions: With the white candle and lapis lazuli before you, speak your written intentions aloud. Be confident and passionate as you express your desires to the universe.
  7. Meditation and Visualization: Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes, visualizing your intentions coming to fruition. See yourself surrounded by love and happiness, and feel the positive energy that this love spell is generating.
  8. Closing the Spell: After your meditation, allow the white candle to burn out completely. As it does, visualize your intentions being sent out into the universe.
  9. Wearing or Carrying Lapis Lazuli: To continue the work of the love spell, consider wearing or carrying the lapis lazuli with you as a talisman or amulet to keep the energy of love and attraction close to your heart.


Wicca love magic with lapis lazuli and a white candle is a potent and spiritually rich practice that can bring clarity, self-confidence, and harmony to your love life. The use of lapis lazuli, with its attributes of communication, self-confidence, and peace, along with the symbolism of the white candle for purity and illumination, can amplify the intentions of your love spell. When performed with clear intentions and a pure heart, this love spell can help you attract and nurture the love and relationships you desire, all while respecting the principles of Wicca and promoting love in its purest form.

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