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Clearing away evil spells

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Clearing away evil spells

Nowadays, spells are mainly associated with evil energy, which is concentrated for a specific purpose. In addition to spells, one can encounter evil thoughts, malice or curses. A lot of people consider spells to be mere superstition and downplay such activities, but bad energy can be directed in such a way as to cause a lot of trouble for the person on whom it is directed. Bad spells can deprive us of our health, happiness and also our wealth.

That is why it is important to know how to recognize an evil spell and how to deal with it.

Recognizing a bad spell

Sometimes we just feel that something is wrong. It has no basis in the space and time around us, and yet this premonition is strong enough to say that we even feel negative energy. People who are less believers in spells will probably say that we are unlucky, but what if someone cast a bad spell or curse on us?

The bad feeling associated with casting a spell occurs at the point of the solar plexus. At this point, we begin to feel anxiety. The first symptoms are followed by a series of accidents and strange events, e.g. illness, work problems, a car breaking down suddenly and unexpectedly, an argument without reason in a relationship, etc. The appearing events are most often unrelated, but they effectively worsen our mood and help us roll into the black abyss of despondency.

How to unbind a bad spell?

For the decongestion of a spell, many ways are currently known. Much depends on previous experience in the generation or region in which, the charms in question, appear. Witches and quacks nurtured ways of unction of spells that were sometimes known only to themselves, which, over time, were passed on to other people, so that they did not forget how to fight evil energy. In the old days, enchanters used rubbing the body with garlic, onions or specially collected leaves. Sometimes, when these methods were ineffective, further practices were resorted to, such as collecting the urine of an enchanted person, and then boiling it and pouring the urine over the threshold of the front door.

Fortunately – nowadays, several, more practical methods are known to be used to de-spell.

The most important thing to remember is that the spell decanting should focus on getting rid of negative energy. Only the nullification and contraction of energy can testify to a properly carried out spell decoction. If we can’t handle the energy cleansing on our own, it’s a good idea to turn to experienced people for help.

One way to remove the spell is to go through a hoard or metal hoop. Such an action represents “getting out of the spell”, leaving it. It is worthwhile during the passage to focus on the thought that the spell should return to the person who cast it on us. Already in ancient Rome, saliva was believed to have extraordinary properties – hence another way to remove an evil spell. If you suspect that the person you met cast a spell on you, you should spit over your left shoulder and turn counterclockwise – this way allows you to undo the spell.

The spell can also be undone by using an egg and enlisting the help of a close and trusted person. One should take the egg and rub gently with its pointed side from the head, through the neck to the heart and lower to the stomach with the intention of pulling off all the evil. Then break the egg – any deviation in its appearance will indicate that the charm has been cast off.

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