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Curses – what are they and how to remove them?

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Curses – what are they and how to remove them?

The very word “curse” evokes a strong reaction. No one wants to be cursed. We live with the idea that when we finally say goodbye to this world, we should be free of any curse. As children we heard many stories about spells and curses. Even the scriptures praise sages and holy men who accumulated miraculous powers through sacrifice and penance. It is said that if they were annoyed with someone, they could curse that person so that they suffered for a long time, and if they were pleased with someone, they blessed them well and pulled off curses.

It has long been known that people who can control energy can bestow charms or curses on unfavorable people. A curse involves negative emotions and collects a large amount of energy. Most often, however, curses and curses are cast by envious people who cannot accept the fact that another person is doing better in life than they are.

Suspicion and symptoms of a curse

Nowadays, cursing is one of the most popular methods of sending bad energy from one person to another person – most often uttered in anger or strong and negative emotions. Any of us can become an innocent victim of a cast curse. Most often, the flow of negative energy can cause a series of setbacks, the onset of severe illness or even death.

When can we suspect that someone has cursed us? Usually when inexplicable misfortunes happen to us in our lives – and no, we are not talking about a single setback. Unfavorable situations appear in our lives in series and are most often not related to each other in any way. In addition, these events do not involve trivial reasons, but significantly affect the quality of our lives, as well as the form of perceived levels of happiness and fulfillment. It is important not to get paranoid and after one setback do not notice symptoms of a curse in ourselves, but when up to now relatively everything was going well for us, and at some point – the whole world starts to fall apart – we should consider this possibility.

When we suspect that we may be under the influence of a negative curse, we should look at several important elements. What to look out for are depressive states, worse mood and mood, cumulative nervousness, and loss of self-confidence. Another stage is isolation from friends and family, as well as major problems in performing daily duties. Anxiety, fatigue, nightmares and restless, strange dreams are also among the serious symptoms. Constant headaches, abdominal and joint pain.

How to break the curse?

When someone is cursed, the only cure is to break the curse. Curses are contracts, requests to an evil power to injure or wrong someone or something, they can be spoken words, incantations or prayers that call on evil spirits to do their evil work. Christians believe that a curse cannot fall on a child of God who relies on the Word of God and walks in the righteousness of Christ. Liberation is not the result of how much someone may struggle, pray or resist, but only because of Christ Jesus. Non-Christians don’t need a witch or a witch to break or remove a curse. You can do it yourself, such as through a powerful ritual curse-breaking bath. The most famous is the Holy Trinity Bath. It is called the Holy Trinity because of three specific herbs that have powerful curse-breaking properties: basil, rue and rosemary.

You can also use an amulet to protect yourself. An amulet is an item that we always carry with us to protect ourselves from bad energy, and curses. Keeping an amulet with you can weaken the effect of a curse or curses so that it can no longer harm us. Another way is to burn “non-transcending” incense. The same herbs as for bathing can be burned to produce a “cutting off” effect, meaning that they break the curse. Mugwort, wormwood and vetiver are said to be particularly effective in warding off evil spirits and breaking curses, and are worth carrying with you. You can fill a small cloth bag with herbs and carry it in your pocket, for example.

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