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The power of casting charms is known in various cultural circles regardless of the prevailing religious system. A charm is an energy attack intended to cause harm to the object against which it is directed. Curses and charms are cast consciously and deliberately. Those directed at adults most often concern the love sphere and financial matters. Many people attribute situations where bad luck suddenly starts to haunt them or they have business failures to the charms cast.

Is it possible to cast a spell on someone?

In esotericism, a charm is a magical force directed at a specific target, which can seriously harm someone or something. It is a way of negatively influencing without the knowledge of the person who is receiving the evil energy from us. Charms can be the result of our conscious or unconscious actions, or the casting of a charm can be outsourced to a charm specialist who deals with it professionally. Negative energy is accumulated in special signs, drawings or objects or takes the form of a simple intention. Although charms and curses have similar effects – they can have bad or good power, and end up focusing on a particular person or group of people – it is easy to point out the main difference between them. A charm acts directly on a person’s mind: it can influence emotions, feelings and thoughts affecting perceptions of reality and decisions made. A curse, on the other hand, triggers various events and phenomena – most often manifested by bad luck and series of unfortunate events.
When a charm is cast, a specific emotional bond is created between the person casting it and its victim. Charms can arise as a result of deliberate action, when we consciously wish someone badly. However, it does not have to be done intentionally to cast a charm. Sometimes curses and charms are the result of an accumulation of bad emotions that find an outlet in thoughts and words directed towards specific people.

Charm casting – symptoms

Charm casting results in a series of unfortunate events affecting daily life and perception of reality. Charms are related to the spiritual sphere of life – they affect our emotions and mind, causing us to make wrong decisions often with tragic consequences. It is not difficult to cast a spell on someone. What’s more, a charm cast works until it is removed, and if we believe in reincarnation, it is important to remember that charms can also manifest in subsequent incarnations of the soul. It is important to know how to recognise the symptoms of a charm and when bad luck and “innocent” bad luck are not a temporary misfortune, but the result of a curse or charm.

The symptoms of a charm can be divided into three phases that the person affected goes through.

In the first phase, mild depressive states, anxiety and nervousness appear. The decline in self-esteem may be accompanied by strange dreams.
The second phase is characterised by withdrawal from social life and gradual distancing from family and friends. The person under the influence of the charm is overtired and has difficulty in discharging his or her responsibilities.
The last phase is an apogee of unfortunate events – inexplicable accidents, nightmares or insomnia, headaches and mental problems.
According to esoteric advice, in order to recognise the symptoms of a cast spell, a special ritual should be performed, which helps to pinpoint the negative energy surrounding us. All you need to do is drop ten freshly extinguished matches into a pre-prepared glass of water one by one. If the matches stay on the surface of the water, we are not under the influence of the charm.

How do you cast a spell?

Clearing charms is a complex task that can significantly affect one’s perception of the world. When done correctly, the cleansing process gets rid of the energy that is directing us, thus changing the way we feel and think. On the other hand, the cleansing of a curse, although it does not concern the sphere of our mind, is very complicated and usually requires a meticulous analysis of the situation and the selection of appropriate means to carry out the cleansing process.
So, how do you detoxify a charm? In the case of a consciously cast curse, energy cleansing, a spiritual procedure that allows us to get rid of accumulated negative emotions, is essential. Just as the body needs to be cleansed of toxins from time to time, the cleansed mind regains its balance, calming down and calming down. Regaining energetic harmony also makes it possible to continue living in harmony with the world and oneself.

You can perform the charm removal ritual yourself, using a candle, preferably a thimble, a plant in a pot and a photograph of the person on whom the charm has been cast (the photograph should be directed with the head to the north). During the process, you need to be focused and calm; it is a good idea to close your eyes and calm your thoughts. Move your right hand three times over the photo, as if you were knocking down drops of water, which you then direct towards the prepared plant. Throughout the process, repeat the phrase: “I release you (name of the person on whom the charm was cast) from (indicate what form the charm took) and transfer it to this plant.” The effectiveness of the charm removal is easy to check – the plant in the pot to which the negative energy has been redirected is used for this purpose: if the plant starts to wilt, the charm has been removed. Charm cleansing is best carried out at sunrise or sunset. The person doing the cleansing should also be aware that he or she is only a channel, a pathway for the bad energy to follow, and that these negative emotions only flow through him or her without leaving any lasting trace.
If our failures can be caused by an unconscious curse or charm, it is worthwhile to clear the charm ourselves. All you have to do is think carefully about your life and make a list of people who dislike us or could wish us ill. Then, in your heart, sincerely ask all the people on the list for forgiveness. This is a simple way to ward off bad luck and break a series of unfortunate events that have so far disrupted our functioning.

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