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Evaluate the effectiveness of the Spell Caster

Update 15.10.2023

I am looking for reviews on Spell Casters. I have compiled a list who offer love spells.


Since when does the website exist according to 2016

What are the most important spells on offer? Love binding spell, Wicca love spell, powerful love spell, Spell to attract love, Loyalty spell, Aura cleansing, Money spell, Spell to break-up

What are the prices for spells? 149-249$

Please rate and give reviews on


  • Blanca

    The spells from actually work. In my situation wicca spell helped, I ordered it because a man left me and did not keep in touch with me for over two months. I wanted to get him back at any cost and decided that I needed to try a very powerful spell. I had read about the wicca spell that it was very powerful, so I decided to try it out. At first the spell had no effect, but about 5 weeks after casting it a man contacted me. We started writing to each other and then dating. After 3 months he offered me to come back, which of course I agreed to. I am very happy with the results.

  • Cassandra

    I personally recommend the wicca love spell from I ordered this spell because I found myself in a difficult love situation. The man I was with for 4 years left me. When he left, he told me he wanted to try something new. I was devastated and couldn’t pick myself up after his words. After 4 weeks of not hearing from me, I missed him so much that I started looking for a way to get him back. That’s how I came across the website. I decided to order a wicca spell. After the spells were completed, I received pictures as proof that the spells were done. They gave me hope during the difficult times when I was waiting for my man to return. After 7 weeks from the end of the spells, the man started to speak to me. Then we started dating again. After 12 weeks from the end of the spell the man came back to me. Now we have been together for over a month and I am very happy. I hope that the results of the spell will last.

  • Roxanne

    Thanks to wicca spell I got back my man who left me for another woman. We were a couple for three years, unfortunately after that period things started to go wrong between us. Eventually he decided that there was no point in such a relationship. I had a completely different opinion, I believed that our relationship made sense and that’s why I decided to fight. I ordered a wicca spell on the website and waited for the results. Thankfully, the results came. After 9 weeks from the end of the spell, the man himself proposed me to come back. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the pictures you took of the spells that gave me encouragement while I was waiting for the results.

  • Marina

    I recommend powerful love spell. I ordered these because my love affair was very difficult. A man left me for his long time friend. For the first two months I had a hard time getting myself together. I couldn’t stand the fact that they were together and I was completely repulsed. When I recovered a bit, I decided to take action. I used a spell because I read on several websites that it had the most power. After ordering the spells, I received pictures as proof of the spell casting and I liked them very much. They gave me hope while I was waiting for the results. After 6 weeks of finishing the spells, they parted ways and the man step by step started to renew contact with me. After another 7 weeks he himself suggested me to come back. We have been a couple again for a month now and I am very happy with the results.

  • whitegreen

    Hello everyone. I will describe in a few words my love situation. I met a man who I fell in love with very quickly. He is a few years older than me, I was impressed by his behavior, how much he tried to take care of me. After more than a year of being together, things started to break down between us. We became more and more distant from each other, we stopped understanding each other. Finally, he decided to break up with me. I thought I could manage without him, but unfortunately I was wrong. After a few weeks without his presence, I started to wilt. I felt awful without him. That is why I ordered a wicca spell. I liked the website and so I used it. The spell actually worked. The man started contacting me again 3 weeks after the order, then we started dating. After more than 11 weeks we came to a mutual conclusion to try again. We have been a couple again for two weeks now and I hope that this second attempt at being together will end with us being together for the rest of our lives.

  • Judy

    Hello, I used spell to attract love because I was failing in my relationships with the opposite sex. I could not meet a man who would meet my requirements. After using the spell the situation definitely improved. I found a man I cared about and after 2 months of dating him we became a couple. We have been together for over a month now and we get along very well. I hope it will stay like this, for now I am really happy. Regards.

  • Felicia28

    When a guy left me, I couldn’t decide what spell to choose for a while. I considered several websites and several spells. I thought about an Egyptian spell, but at the last minute something inspired me to order a Wiccan spell. The spell worked, even though the love situation I was in was quite difficult. A man had left me after a three-year relationship. I had no contact with him, I didn’t even know if he had anyone. About a month after ordering the spell, we started keeping in touch with each other again. We started writing and dating again. After a few meetings we came to the conclusion that we wanted to become a couple. We have been together again for a month now and everything is going great.

  • Cynthia

    I used an aura cleansing because I wanted to get back on my feet and feel better. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own and so I ordered an aura cleansing. After the spell I calmly waited for the results. I watched my body and every day I felt a little better. It has now been over 3 months since the aura cleansing and I feel good, go to work with a smile on my face and have returned to my evening jogging.

  • Yvone

    I confirm the power of spell to attract love. My situation was pretty bad, I didn’t have much success with men. I ordered this spell to change this situation. After just a few weeks after the spell I was better. I started to notice that I had more and more success with men. After another few weeks, I met a man who was really interested in me, and I was also interested in him. We went on casual dates for 3 months until we finally decided to become a couple. We have been together for a month now and understand each other very well. Regards.

  • Alexandra

    Hello everyone. The wiccan spell worked perfectly. I ordered it because I wanted to get back a man I care about. After the spell I waited 9 weeks for the results. After that time the man proposed me to come back to him. We are together again and we care about each other very much.

  • Egodje

    Powerful love spell gave the results I dreamed of. I ordered it because a man left me. I had no contact with him for two months. After the love spell the situation started to improve, we started to be in contact with each other. We started to meet again. After a few looser meetings we came to the conclusion that we would try to be with each other again.

  • Dorothy

    Aura cleansing really works. For several months I felt bad, lacked vital energy, and had trouble doing normal life activities. After the cleansing spell, within a month I felt better. I started getting up earlier and had more vitality. I also became more open and sociable, I go out more and talk a lot with my friends. My best regards.

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