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Personal protection magic

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Personal protection magic

Let’s start with the basics. What is protection magic ? Simply put, protective magic is energy/spell work that focuses on protecting an individual, family, home, workplace from harm by third parties. The first question when discussing protective magic is “What or who do you seek protection from?”, and “Who or what wants to cause you harm and why?”. These basic questions will help you shape your protective barrier and effectively defend yourself against magic. Protective magic can be done in many ways, from drawing symbols to marking protective circles around specific areas to cleanse the house. However, the devil is in the details, and success lies in focused intention. With that in mind, let’s highlight some of the ways you can protect yourself energetically.

Protective energy fields

The concept of protective magic is to create a protective barrier or field around ourselves, loved ones, precious objects and the spaces we inhabit. The ability to create protective energy fields is essential to this magical practice. A protective barrier is what protects us and our valuables from energies that have the potential to harm or cause disruption to our intentions and plans. These fields are used in almost every aspect, so get to know them well and become good at creating them. Although creating a magical barrier is not exactly the same as locking our valuables in a safe, it can be very effective with properly focused intention. Protective magical barriers can make our valuables or us invisible or less desirable to harmful entities and energies. One effective method of casting a magical barrier is to imagine yourself surrounded by white light. The light can start from your head and slowly travel over your body to your feet. As you imagine this field forming around you, feel calm and try to cut yourself off from unwanted energies and influences. If you would like to protect an object from being touched or moved, you can use a similar method. Imagine that the object is surrounded by fire. Imagine that the object becomes extremely hot, so hot that it glows like coal.

Summoning spiritual entities

That is, fairies, elves, trolls, dragons, power animals, ghosts and so on. When you summon magical entities for protection, I recommend that you do so only if you have a well-established relationship with the entity or entities in question. Having a deep respect and personal knowledge of these beings is essential when working with them. After all, they are sentient and intelligent beings who are not here to serve our purposes. However, they can carry out your commands out of mutual respect and adoration. Developing a solid relationship is essential to asking them for anything. They must be willing to cooperate with you. If your relationship with an entity is of high enough quality, you may never have to ask for help, because the entity will always be on your side.

Summoning magical elemental energies

Elemental energies are obscure. Some people see elemental energies as elementals. Think of them in the context of natural energy. The very essence of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Unpredictable like wind, changeable like fire, solid and immovable like stone, fluid and ever-changing like water and ambiguous like spirit. To work with the elements, you must have a certain level of control and skill to use these energies appropriately. A good example is the Earth’s call for protection. Although Earth is strong and difficult to penetrate, it is a slow energy and needs time to build to be effective. You will need to know when and how to use this energy to be effective. Fire is also a very effective element to use for protection, but is difficult to control.

Pagan religions and symbols

Dating back to the Stone Age, drawing symbols seems to be the oldest form of protective magic. It is also the most widespread form. Today, many faiths practice this form of magic, making it not exclusive to witchcraft or paganism. Over the centuries, protective symbols have been carved into a variety of objects, from stone to peach seeds. There is no religion or culture that does not have its own set of protective symbols that are worn or displayed in some way. The magic works through the vibrations that resonate between you, the symbol and the universe.

Wearing amulets and protective items

You don’t have to stick to a regularly designated protective symbol. You can wear a sculpture of your own protective essence.

Herbs, spices and food

Instead of remembering to wear one of the many symbol necklaces and rings, you can use herbs, spices and foods as your protectors. There are dozens of herbs, spices and foods that we can take from the pantry that will provide us with a great protective barrier. You can mix them in recipes, put them in sachets or carry them with you wherever you go. I hope you are able to see the vast number of possibilities here. Protective Magic doesn’t have to be overly complicated or daunting. Try a few things out and see what works best for you.

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