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Magic spells that work
From the following article you will learn what magic spells are, how they work and whether they can be performed in your own home. You will also learn about the types of spells and how to prepare for them. Due to the stereotypical perception of the word “witchcraft” in movies and modern culture, people often think of spell-casting as an obscure and dangerous practice used by mystical witches. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that modern spells are a reliable, spiritual way to express your deepest desires and fulfill them on occasion. A spell refers to a kind of ritual in which you have to work with your intentions, energy and spiritual power to fulfill certain goals you desire. For a spell to be cast successfully, the key is to focus on what you want to achieve and direct your mind to the right images and words. The power of the spell will strengthen your willpower and make it more coherent.

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So what are magic spells really?

By casting a spell, you are performing a ritual act that activates a change or movement in the path you want your life to take. To achieve your goal, it is important to show a symbol of your dedication, which includes the focus, energy and effort you put into performing the ritual. In addition, at the end of the session you must show gratitude to your Higher Self or Deity. Thank them for the connection and for making a positive difference in your life. The secret of this sphere is to balance your subconscious mind and the true goals of the Higher Self, which are hidden. Make sure you are absolutely clear about what you really want; otherwise this practice will not work at all.

Do magic spells really work?

Plenty of people perform spell-casting rituals every day, and they don’t have to be experienced spell experts. It’s normal to perform spells at home. When it comes to your personal space, it needs to be safe, calm and full of positive energy. To cast spells that work quickly in a short period of time, you need to believe in your spell and the way you perform it. As long as you feel at your best when performing it, the magical power will make the things you want become a reality and change your life. One of the most important things in mastering spellcasting techniques is to allow your desires to come true in case you want to become a skillful practitioner of spellcasting. Most spellcasters nowadays have to adjust to their inner self accordingly. If magical spells are not related to your inner intentions as well as forward actions, they are simply worthless.

In other words, getting help from spells and rituals will bring more opportunities into your life; however, it is still up to your own decisions to take advantage of these opportunities and achieve what you want. Your efforts and patience will be worth the wait if you put great faith in the spell and remain focused throughout the session.
Two key elements for successful magic spells are faith and concentration.
Can spells be performed at home?
The practice of witchcraft or spell casting can be done at home. One does not have to be a witch or a member of a sabbat (group or gathering of witches) to perform magical rituals. In general, anyone can use the power of spells to attract a particular person or object they desire into their lives. Of course, you can seek the help of professionals if you don’t have much experience in this field.
Here are the different types of magic spells:

Love spells
Speaking of the love spells section, there are actually a lot of spells to increase attraction, fall in love with a person, improve or strengthen a relationship, recover an ex, revive a couple’s love, reconciliation spells, how to forget a person, avoid infidelity, and so on.
Spells for money / fortune / wealth
Who wouldn’t want their financial status to improve? With spells, anything is possible. Like love spells, this type of spells also has many variations, such as win the lottery, attract more money, get extra money at work, eliminate debts, etc. If you think you’ve run out of luck when it comes to money, let these lucky spells change your destiny for the better.

Health spells
Are you feeling unwell? There are powerful health spells that will help you feel better. There are spells that will help discharge negative energy, heal your aura or eliminate physical pains.
White magic spells
White magic spells for a life full of harmony and happiness. There are spells and rituals that use white magic to help you achieve harmony, security and peace in all aspects of your life.

So what is white magic?
It is believed to be an innocent form of magic aimed at helping and protecting vulnerable people. White magic spells will provide you with good things and will never have the power to destroy or harm anyone or anything. By performing rituals and spells using white magic, you will be able to solve problems in life that require harmony, protection and peace.

Black magic spells
Unlike white magic, black magic will fulfill all your desires, not caring whether it is ethical or not. With black magic spells, you can easily get what you want (even harming others), as well as protect yourself from being cursed. In fact, except for protective purposes, it is not recommended to use black magic, especially to cast these dark spells on your own.

What should you know before casting spells?

You may feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to performing a spiritual ritual on your own; nevertheless, be confident and try your hand at the practice.

Preparing the ingredients
Some spells require certain specific items to enhance magical power. The thing is, you don’t have to buy something very expensive for your incantation. Instead of a healing crystal, you can find other things that are much cheaper, but will still be energetically charged. For spells cast at home, some common ingredients are paper, honey, herbs (cinnamon, black pepper and other spices) and essential oils.
To enhance the overall power of the process, use candles.
If you want to make potions, cauldrons are needed, or you can use your pots in the kitchen. Remember that when an object is reused and considered magical, it naturally becomes a magical device. Mystical tools hold energy; therefore, you need to clean them regularly so they will always be magical.

Site selection
When finding a place for a spell, note that physical thresholds are considered cosmic entrances. Now look around your home and pay attention to doors, window sills and gaps in floorboards – these places symbolize the space between the spiritual and physical worlds; not surprisingly, they are ideal portals to create a connection with the cosmos. So, before you plan to practice or cast magic spells, you should choose one perfect spot. To enhance the potential of your chosen spell, the best time to cast it is when day and night intersect. You can also practice spells during the seasonal equinox.

What should you keep in mind?
Once you have chosen a good place to perform the spell, make sure that any doors you open remain closed by performing a formal ritual or simply chanting the word “goodbye.”

Determine intentions
Well, the only real rule of spell casting is that you should not cast malicious curses or any spells with bad intentions on others. It is never good to cause harm to another person, even if that person is your enemy and hates you very much. According to the law of triple power, bad things you cast on others will come back to you with three times the power. This is understandable, since magic works on a karmic basis. The results are bound to be terrible when the negative energy returns to the place where it originated. If you are still hesitant about whether you should cast a spell at home, just don’t do it. Your magical intentions define your spirit; therefore, fill your thoughts only with positivity, kindness and love.

How to cast spells?
Let’s now look at the next steps in creating a magical spell:

Having an altar

Actually, you don’t need a real altar to perform a ritual. Although it’s good if you have one, many magicians have no problem performing spells without any altar. Some use an ordinary table found at home and cover its surface with a clean white cloth, while others simply sit on the floor.

Preparing the ritual bath
Before saying the first spell, you need to cleanse yourself of negative energy by taking a spiritual bath. This method has the advantage of preparing the subconscious mind for the upcoming ritual. A daily shower is not enough, as it only keeps the body clean and fresh; this is why you need a ritual bath to find peace in the mind. Although not all magic rituals require you to make a protective circle, it’s still a good idea to draw a simple circle at the beginning of a spell-casting session. This spiritual ritual not only prevents the dissipation of bad energies, but also helps balance your state of mind so that the process is filled with nothing but peace and positivity.

Determine your intention

Intentions are very important in the practice of witchcraft. What is your intention? What do you want to achieve? When you work with Spiritual Forces, you need to be as specific as possible. Don’t be too general, as this will introduce confusion into your spell. Moreover, avoid using negative words or phrases. You must have good goals if you need the help of magic spells. Your wish or desire should either be for your own good or for everyone’s happiness. A spell is sure to work if both your intention and thought are pure and have no trace of negativity. An effective way to do this is to write down your intentions in a spiritual journal or on a piece of paper. When writing them down, you need to describe your desire in clear, meaningful words, which will help you better understand the things you desire. What’s more? It’s better not to use the word “want” when you send your messages to the universe. It’s better to say, “I am grateful for all that has been given to me in this life.”

Lighting candles

Suppose the spell you have chosen requires candles. After stating your deepest intention, it is time to light the candles placed on the altar. This action in the ritual signifies the beginning of a change to take place in your life. In the magical realm, candles are commonly used because of their powerful spiritual connection.
Each part of the candle is associated with a different element of the universe:

Since the flame is considered the purifier of all energies, it represents the element of Fire. The hot wax melting and dripping down is an image of Water. Wax points to the Earth element because it is associated with nature. Finally, the smoke from the flame embodies the element of Air.

Candles not only enhance magical power, but also refresh the mood and change the attitude to a more positive one.

The specific color and flame of each candle attract different energies, corresponding to different needs. Remember to choose the color of the candle according to your circumstances and intentions.
Performing the meditation
This is the stage where you need to meditate on your goal. The first step is to empty your mind and then focus only on the ultimate goal you really want. Meditation is very important in the art of casting magic spells. Of course, praying with candles and placing ingredients on an altar are not enough for magic to manifest. The key to making a spell work is to focus on your intention for an extended period of time. When performing the spell, one must concentrate on the ultimate goal. This concentration will later be transformed into a form of energy. This stage is extremely important, so it must not be mixed with fear, doubt or negative emotions, otherwise the energy will be weakened and dissipated at the end of the session.
Chanting or praying
After solidifying your intentions through meditation and visualization, you need to say a spell or utter a few magic words. In this step you will send your message to the universe and wait for the spell to come true. To complete the spell, thank the universe for listening to your desire.
Always remember that negative emotions are never good for the process of casting magic spells. You should eliminate your fear, anxiety and jealousy before casting your own spell.

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