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Symptoms indicating that someone has put a curse on you

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Symptoms indicating that someone has put a curse on you

Esotericists believe in curses and spells cast through the eyes. Jealousy, gossip or hatred that one person may feel toward another has more negative effects than many people imagine, because the human mind is so powerful that it can affect the state of another person, even if the curse was cast completely unconsciously. Its victim, however, is under its fatal influence, suddenly strange, bad things start happening in her life, and she doesn’t know from where or why. Here are the most common symptoms, indicative of a curse cast on us.

Unexplained illnesses

A curse can cause all sorts of diseases , which appear unexpectedly and for which the doctor cannot find a logical explanation. In such cases, be aware that the curse was cast by someone who is very close to you, driven by jealousy or evil thoughts.

Changes in mood

Are you in a euphoric mood, and from moment to moment you feel that you are entering a strange melancholy? Sudden mood swings are also a symptom of a curse, and this is one of the most confusing symptoms, as we all have mood swings. However, if yours are too intense, think about who wants to do you harm.

Sleep problems

Although insomnia can be the result of certain health problems, stress or lifestyle, it is also often a clear manifestation of a curse.

Financial problems

If you don’t make mistakes, don’t overspend, manage your money wisely, but suddenly notice that there isn’t enough, it’s a sign that someone has wished for you. If, on the other hand, debts are growing, you enter their spiral, it is worth seeking help.

Skin changes

Very often, the symptom of a cast curse are changes on the skin, which are difficult to justify an allergy or disease. If you develop strange pimples, hives, etc., it may indicate that someone has cursed you. You can believe it or not, but esotericists are sure that there are such energy flows that we never dreamed of. Nor are we helpless in the face of curses, as there are various methods of taking them off. Here is one of the simplest rituals given by a well-known clairvoyant from South America:

The spell should be done on Friday evening. You need a bowl, a white candle and two handfuls of coarse salt. Pour water in the bottom of the bowl and mix with the salt. Then we place the white candle in the bowl. We take the bowl with the candle outside the front door or, if possible, to the room where the person who cast the curse is staying.

We light the candle. When it burns out to the end, we have to pour the water with salt and wax to a place from where it can flow away – a river, a canal, the sea. It takes the curse away from us.

Curses, spells and incantations – magical rituals of voodoo worshippers

Voodoo magic is usually combined with suspicious or cruel practices involving animal blood. This magic is often used to acquire and emotionally enslave a desired person, and consists of many rituals that, while not always involving cruelty, are usually seasoned and unacceptable to Europeans.

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