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Symptoms of bad energy

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Symptoms of bad energy – in the home, in objects and in people.

We may not have the technology to measure it, but everyone probably knows how negative or bad energy feels. It can come from negative people, from the environment or from our own psyche. We can also add the home or particular objects we come in contact with to the places where we sense energy. It can exhaust us mentally and physically. Negative energy thus perpetuates itself, multiplying more negativity. Learning to deal with negative energy is important for health and happiness.

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Types of bad energy

Dealing with negative energy can be impossible until you know its sources. That’s why it’s important to know what sources can affect our negative feelings and where we can feel the evil permeating from. Bad people – probably each of us has experienced feeling positive or negative energy from other people. Some researchers believe that such energy is real and measurable. Others believe that people pick up anger, sadness and other bad emotions projected by others. We are good at reading them through verbal and non-verbal cues, even if they are not openly expressed.

Negative environment – sometimes we feel bad in certain environments, rooms or places. Sometimes this is because of an experience we associate with a particular place. We are unlikely to feel as comfortable in a dentist’s office as we would in a friend’s home. But there is also evidence that the physical details of an environment can affect mood. Clutter, for example, can cause stress and even disrupt sleep. Environments that make you feel uncomfortable can be described as having negative energy. In some homes, bad energy can nest regardless of our intentions.

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Negative talk – talking to ourselves is a flow of mostly unspoken thoughts that run through our head. Negative thoughts can harm your health and well-being. Positive thinkers are less prone to colds and have better cardiovascular health. They are less prone to depression and are likely to live longer. Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean we ignore problems. Instead, being one can improve one’s ability to deal with them. That’s why it’s not a good idea to bring bad energy inside yourself.

Symptoms of bad energy

If we experience bad energy in the form of people, objects or places, or if we engage in negative self-talk, we may experience the following signs and symptoms:

criticism – Criticizing others is a way of blaming someone or something for your discomfort. Although criticizing others can make us feel better at first, this reverses later, especially if we have been critical in front of others.

complaining – occurs when we loudly express negative talk in our heads. Complaining can become such an ingrained habit that we don’t realize when we are doing it. By complaining, we give away our bad energy where it can affect others.

Bad emotions – bad energy can trigger bad emotions in us. Being indoors, where bad energy is accumulated, makes us feel many bad emotions at the same time, which begin to dominate in us, at the same time causing them to destroy the internal balance.

Insomnia – repeated negative thoughts triggered by bad energy cause the onset of insomnia. It is not clear whether lack of sleep triggers negative thinking or whether negative thoughts prevent sleep. Maybe the combination of negative thoughts and bad sleep creates a vicious cycle in which each element aggravates the other.

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