What is a karmic relationship?

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A karmic relationship can involve practically anyone – whether family members or hitherto complete strangers. Karmic relationships stem from the need to work through problems and create healthy relationships with other people.

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What is a karmic relationship?

Karmic love is a relationship between two people who believe that they are destined for each other. Karmic relationships can be based on love or friendship, but most often involve chemistry and attraction. Karmic connections come in many forms – involving family members, friends, enemies or complete strangers. Karmic relationships are linked to the experience of reincarnation – they are seen as a punishment for transgressions from a previous life. Old emotional lives and unresolved issues from the past need to be worked through, and the karmic relationship is designed to make this possible. The astrological definition indicates that karmic love is closely linked to the relinquishment of true feeling from a previous incarnation. It is a response to actions caused by selfishness and the sacrifice of affection in favour of other values, for example one’s own beliefs, career or money, which led to the other person being hurt. A karmic relationship is theoretically doomed to failure in advance. It is an unpredictable relationship full of quarrels and conflicts, to which the meeting of a seemingly ideal partner leads. The sustainability of such a relationship depends primarily on working through one’s own problems, which translate into the functioning of the relationship. Only conscious self-development and working on the relationship together can help to survive the problems and save the relationship with the partner.

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How can you recognise a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is a special relationship that can happen to any of us. Viewed from a personal development perspective, it helps to create healthy, fulfilling relationships with other people in the future. Karmic love is relatively easy to recognise. It is characterised by specific features that make it identifiable. Such a relationship is a repetition of past patterns and problems with partners. Only one party is committed to the relationship, while the other treats the karmic partner as a mere convenience, without respecting his or her boundaries. A karmic relationship is a relationship based on codependency and abuse, where one’s own needs are most important. A person who devotes all his energy to love becomes emotionally, mentally and physically dependent on his partner. He or she is possessive and does not see any flaws in the partner, who for such a person becomes the centre of the universe. The karmic relationship aims to understand how to love oneself and how to work on oneself worthwhile. The sooner we identify the instability and unpredictability of such a relationship, the sooner we gain the opportunity to transform it into a healing process of self-development.

How do you find out if your relationship is a karmic one?

A karmic relationship can be calculated using numerology, or forecasting from numbers. Numerology is an element of esotericism based on the assumption that a number assigned to a particular object is closely linked to its fate. This could include, for example, a telephone number or a number corresponding to a person’s name. Assuming that everything has a purpose and nothing happens by chance, numerology indicates that our lives are actually governed by various mathematical laws. The numerological number of a person’s life path is calculated from their date of birth – all the digits that make up a person’s date of birth are added together until only one digit is obtained. This is the basis for calculating the karmic number assigned to us, which is determined by adding up the number of life, the number of independence and the number of family. Karmic numbers include the numbers 13, 14, 16, 19 and 26. The karmic number is symbolic of outstanding issues that we need to work through in our current life in order to be able to improve the functioning of our relationship and our relationship with our partner. Hypnosis can also be used to check whether a relationship is a karmic one. Hypnosis makes it possible to explore the deepest states of the subconscious and thus discover an unknown part of ourselves. With this solution and the help of a qualified therapist, we are able to recognise the source of relationship problems and gain a chance to resolve them. However, it is important to remember that hypnosis is a rather unpredictable method that should not be used with children, pregnant women and people with mental illnesses.

Karmic partner

A karmic partner is a person with whom you feel an immediate bond. When you have the feeling that the person you have just met is destined for you, you feel as if you have known each other before and an unbreakable connection is established between you. Karmic love, which is directly linked to reincarnation, is formed as a result of unfulfilled or rejected affection, to which old vows and promises are connected. In order to recognise a karmic partner, it is useful to pay attention to the nature of the relationship and the unhealthy relationship forming between the partners. In such situations, apart from numerology and hypnosis, astrology, which allows the horoscopes of both partners to be compared and analysed, or tarot cards can be helpful.

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