What is true love?

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If you ask a passer-by on the street: “What is true love?”, many people will have no problem answering this question. This is because each of us imagines true love in our own way. For some it will be love until death, while for others the signs of true love will be respect and support for the other half.

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What is true love?

However, many people wonder what true love is. Is there even a definition of true love? Unfortunately, no. In addition – true love is often confused with the common crush. Particularly among teenagers. There is no definition, and each person feels true love differently. This can be seen when talking to other couples. Some expect their other halves to show true love every day, others see it in simple gestures. However, let’s try to reflect on the common answers regarding true love. What does it include? Most often, couples talk about support and mutual respect. This is an integral part of true love. Without this, a well-functioning relationship cannot be sustained. Understanding your partner’s needs is the next most common answer. How else can we make the other person happy if we don’t understand their needs?

Some say that true love is born out of friendship. Many people who planned to become just friends at the beginning of their acquaintance become a couple. Interestingly, most relationships based on friendship are able to last for many years. Why is this the case? Because first you get to know the other person and have no plans for them. Then true love is born. We know the good and bad points of our partner and, despite and because of this, we still love him or her.

Signs of true love

Many people fear the moment of missing out on true love. After all, we are constantly convinced in romantic comedies that we need a watershed moment to realise that we really love the other person. In everyday life, however, this is not always the case. We can become convinced of our desire to spend our lives with our partner or partner in trivial situations. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle but different than usual touch of the hand or a smile. Sometimes we realise that we love a friend who has been there for us at every moment – not only in the better moments, but also in the worse ones. Signs of true love can also reveal themselves unexpectedly. True love, however, must be distinguished from falling in love. This is an extremely euphoric state, where we mostly do not see the other person’s flaws. These are beautiful moments, but true love is characterised by a longer-lasting state, an understanding of the other half’s faults and qualities. You will definitely recognise true love! You don’t have to be afraid of it. It is difficult to miss it!

What are the characteristics of true love?

A separate article could be written about this, as every person will answer this question differently. However, to bring it all together, it is worth pointing out that true love does not have to be reciprocal. One can love someone secretly for years, helping, being supportive, but the other person does not have to reciprocate our feeling. True love is characterised by knowing the other person, by being supportive on a daily basis, but also by being free. A sign of true love is not to take away the autonomy of the other person. Fidelity should not be forgotten! For many people, this is practically point one when listing the characteristics of true love. A man who loves does not betray his other half. Another sign of true love is also being there for better or worse. Not only in the good times, but also in the worse times, when the mood is not right or there are changes in our lives that are not entirely good. True love is characterised by just being with the other person – every moment of your life.

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How do you maintain true love in a relationship?

In the busyness of things, we often forget that even true love needs to be nurtured on a daily basis. When the rhythm of everyday life, work, responsibilities, children, the other half sometimes recede into the background. It is worth remembering to take care of your love every day. It doesn’t have to be huge gestures, grand trips or huge bouquets of flowers. Sometimes a simple hug, listening to the other person will allow us to take care of the atmosphere of the relationship. It’s also good not to forget about each other’s needs – get away for a date for two once in a while, spend time together, just the two of you. To reminisce. Let’s remember that nurturing true love should fit into our lifestyle.

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