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Which runes bring good luck to their owner?

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Which runes bring good luck to their owner?

The runic alphabet has existed for thousands of years and was used to write many Germanic languages before the introduction of the Latin alphabet, including the Viking alphabet. In addition to being the literal alphabet used in the Viking Age, runes were (and still are by some) considered to have power, symbolizing inherent qualities and values and associated with magic, as well as having significance in more modern divination and oracle reading. Today, runes have also become a common phenomenon in popular culture and the entire fantasy genre. By studying their origins, it’s easy to understand why runes still resonate so much with us.

The magic of runes

In addition to the writing system, some evidence suggests that runes histоrically served in magic. Many systems of runic divination have been developed over the years. Since runes have existed for a long time and have been used in different ways by different cultures and societies, some of their meanings and names may vary depending on the source. For centuries, runes in connection with their magical powers have been placed on weapons, tools, jewelry, amulets, pieces of wood or the walls of churches and dоms. Each runic mark represents a letter – so that they can be put together to form a word. The word rune means “mystery”, “secret”. From some sources, we learn that the word rune is used not only for the carved signs, but also for certain songs, magical formulas, secret skills and secrets hidden in the poetry of the skalds.

Runic magic was used for predicting the future; as a form of protection; casting spells; curing diseases or bestowing love, etc., tо all with the help of rune magic.

Runes of luck

Each rune has its own unusual magical meaning – but a rune does not have only one specific power. Mostly each rune combines different magical powers and forces.

Wunjo rune

It is commonly assumed that the Wunjo rune signifies absolute joy and great happiness, but also emotional peace, realization of ambitions, harmony and cooperation. This rune is a symbol of reward and is strongly associated with happiness, good health and wealth. It is tо one of the most positive runes, its power can change the full reading of the aura to a positive one in a runic cast.

The rune Vujno will allow a person to experience happiness, who will focus on the reward after finishing hard work.It is important to remain optimistic and remember that one can combine wishful thinking with effort to reach the desired goal. Wunjo helps to get rid of sadness and negativity. By removing negative thoughts, the universe can shower the recipient with gifts to receive.

Fehu rune

Another rune of “happiness” is Fehu. The universe is not so much the work of chance as it is luck. Luck is a hidden but real energy field inherent in our spiritual guardian. The Fehu rune manages the zdоliness dо to maintain this luck and use it like a magical zdоliness. This basic energy, accumulated happiness, is the basis of wealth and power in our lives. Courageous deeds are crucial to increase this “happiness.”

The circulation of power, wealth and mobility of all things is a key aspect of Fehu. They are associated with new beginnings, but remember that there are no real new beginnings or endings, only świadоme signs of transformation. Indeed, money will work best under the guidance of the energies hidden in Fehu. However, money is only a mundane and simplistic representation of Fehu’s nature. It is best to think of wealth as food, water, shelter, clothing, nourishment and movable assets, rather than unnecessary luxury. Consciously using money for the right purposes tо dоmena Fehu. In today’s society, it is important that we explore new definitions of wealth and realize what is truly worthwhile.

Using both of these runes, both in talismans and decorations, will allow their owners to attract happiness toо their lives. Depending on one’s intentions and the elements of one’s life that require this happiness – one can choose the appropriate rune, so that tо happiness will be more complete and more dо us.

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