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White magic and black magic – what are the differences?

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White magic and black magic – what are the differences?

Magic and sorcery are as old as the history of mankind, during which man sought a way to explain natural phenomena and made attempts to influence them for his benefit. Magic has been used or is being used by virtually all cultures we know. Magic, although divided into so-called white (good) and black (bad), according to modern magicians has no color. All that matters is the purpose for which it is used, that is, from the intentions of the person practicing it. In the general consciousness, however, there is a belief that magic used for good purposes is ordinary magic (white), while its opposite is black magic, which primarily serves evil. Inherent in black magic is the blood of animals, though not exclusively. Since time immemorial and in many cultures there has been a ritual practice called sexual magic. Although it also has beneficial powers, it is most often associated with black magic practices, specifically voodoo.

Voodoo festival and love powder

Voodoo magic is usually associated with suspicious or cruel practices that use animal blood. However, there are rituals that not only do not involve cruelty, but primarily serve a good purpose. Some of the most common voodoo rituals performed around the world are love rituals associated with love spirits called Erzulie. Erzulie is the African goddess of love, health and good luck. Her symbol is the heart, and her colors are pink, blue, white and gold. Her favorite offerings are perfume, jewelry or sweet cakes (rather than the bodies or blood of animals). Erzulie is a goddess identified with feelings of love and passion, as well as a woman aware of her beauty. The Erzulie ritual begins with making a special powder from dried red rose petals. The ash obtained from them should be mixed with a pinch of sand from the bottom of a body of water (sea, lake or river), add a bit of grated allspice and a pinch of salt consecrated beforehand. On the night of the full moon, make a man/woman figurine out of wax or wood, tie it with satin ribbon or hemp string and sprinkle it with love powder. Then place it in the center of the ritual table, and light nine white candles around it. Gazing at the figurine, one should ask the goddess for the blessing of love, and when the candles burn out, bury the figurine in the ground (for example, in the garden or in a pot). When love is found, simply dig up the figurine and untie the ribbon to enjoy a successful relationship with that person.

The goddess Erzulie is also associated with one of the most spectacular rituals, practiced as part of voodoo at a site 150 km from Haiti’s capital (Port au Prince). According to legend, in 1847 the goddess of beauty and love Erzulie Dantor appeared in a tree in the local cascade and began to heal the sick and perform miracles. Since then, the waterfall has become a destination for thousands of pilgrims seeking happiness in life and love.

Haitians, who spend the money they save for months on this trip, hope that it is here that the goddess will listen to their requests, give love, health, a better life. Pilgrims in a spectacular trance walk, bathe, lie and pray for hours in the rushing waters of the waterfall. There are songs, music and the smell of herbs and concoctions prepared in honor of the goddess.

Magical voodoo rituals

Love magic, or sexual magic, in voodoo practices is used to gain and emotionally enslave a desired person. It consists of a number of interesting rituals.

Ritual one. A man who wants a woman to desire him physically must imagine her while masturbating. Then he should put some of the semen under favorable circumstances in the drink or food of the desired woman.

Ritual two. If romance is enough for a man, he must bathe and then wash his left hand and left foot in clean water, and then repeat the action seven times while saying: “By drinking this water he will love me so much that he will love the ground on which I tread.” He should then drink the water or use it to prepare a meal.

Ritual three. It is aimed at winning the love or increasing the sexual desire of the selected person. To do this, a hen’s egg should be washed in the water used for the bath. When the egg dries, write the name of the chosen person on it seven times, expressing your desires out loud. Then the egg should be buried in the ground – in a home garden or a nearby park.

Ritual four. If it is a woman who desires a passionate relationship with a man, she must cut a few pubic hairs during the first phase of the moon. Holding them in her left hand, she should say aloud: “With this hair I win the heart and love of (here falls the name of the chosen one). Let him worship me and be faithful to me.” She must then consume the hair by adding it to any food during the same phase of the full moon.

Ritual five. A woman wishing to enhance her husband’s or lover’s sex drive must take a piece of chicken or other poultry meat, place it in the womb for several hours, then add it to the rest of the meat, fry it as she usually does and serve it as a meal.

Ritual six. This is used to keep a lover with her for any length of time. To do this, a woman cuts a few hairs from her head and a few from her lover, mixes them and places them in a black cloth. She goes to the cemetery and buries it in the ground, saying: “I commit you (here falls the name) to love me until death.” He leaves the cemetery without looking back.

Ritual seven. Ensures a woman’s love and desire from her partner. She places some of the menstrual blood on a linen cloth. She pulls out single strands of it and adds it to her partner’s meal.

Ritual eight. This is the casting of a strong charm causing sexual insatiability, lust. A woman cuts the name of her chosen one with a knife on a chosen vegetable (such as carrots) or fruit. She then indulges herself with this vegetable or fruit with the image of her partner in front of her eyes. The visualization of the man must take place nine times. She gives the vegetable or fruit to her partner along with her normal meal.

Ritual nine. If a man wants to keep a woman faithful and interested only in him, he must take a piece of her underwear, place it under his pillow and sleep with it for nine nights.

Voodoo doll – not as scary as they paint it

Everyone has certainly heard of her. To most, it is rather associated with unpleasant and dangerous for the target of the curse. Voodoo dolls derive from Haitian puppets symbolizing loa spirits and were only popularized in the early 20th century around New Orleans. The doll is indeed meant to help carry out a curse, but not necessarily an evil one. It is used just as often for healing, happiness, love or wealth for a particular person. Thinking of voodoo curses, before our eyes we have the image of a doll with needles stuck in it. Fact, needles are used quite often and perform an important task. They are the ones that direct the curses and strengthen the spells. So, if someone casts a love curse on someone, the needle should be stuck in the place of the heart. The effect depends on the strength of the intention of the person casting the charm. The ritual itself is very simple and does not require uttering any incantations – it is enough for the person in whose hands the doll is, to focus his thoughts on the person he wants to “enchant”. The doll must also be sewn or made by the person who will use it. Purchased or ordered from a third party, it will not have the right power and will not work. Thus, dolls sold in African markets, for example, are typically tourist goods and are treated as souvenirs from a distant trip.

The doll should contain something from the person on whom the charm will be cast (e.g. hair), and after the ritual is over it should be buried or burned so that it is never used again (even against the same person).

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