Why is it important to take care of relationships in a relationship?

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A relationship goes through different phases and sometimes crises occur. Some of them are developmental and are part of its natural course. At this point, it is worth emphasising that only by taking care of the relationship with your partner can you make it strong enough. When we have a close relationship, we are more likely to support each other in difficult times. We can count on each other, despite life’s many turbulences. Our relationship is characterised by emotional security, which makes us better able to cope with stressful situations. This is because we have a secure base to which we return. Unfortunately, the butterflies in our stomachs, which give us great pleasure at the thought of our partner, fly away with time. Then it is all about nurturing the relationship with the other person. Without this skill, any relationship will begin to corrode and cease to act as a secure base. When we become too distant from each other, the willingness to work out a compromise will diminish significantly. From the rest of this article, you will learn how to rebuild love in your marriage and partnership.

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How to improve relationships in a relationship?

Couples often come to my practice asking how to improve their relationship with their partner. They want to work on their relationship to save it. We can all nurture the bond with our partner to avoid its erosion. It is worth doing this every day, remembering that the other person’s love is not given tus once and for all.

Show your partner an unfamiliar side

At some point we become predictable to our partner. We dress the same, put on similar activities and watch films by our favourite director in the evenings. The element of surprise is missing from our relationship. Its place is taken by routine, which destroys the relationship. How can you improve your marital relationship? Introduce a bit of freshness into the relationship. All it takes is to show your partner an unfamiliar side. If you don’t paint yourself on a daily basis, do some make-up sometimes. Haven’t ridden a bike in years? Get two wheels out of the basement. Haven’t been to a concert in a long time? Buy tickets to see your favourite artist perform:)

Focus on your partner’s qualities

Our partners still have qualities, but when the butterflies in our stomachs become just a memory, the state of infatuation disappears and we stop idealising them. We see that, on the one hand, the loved one is spontaneous and, on the other, sometimes forgets something. How to improve relationships in a relationship? It is worth changing perspective. Usually, a partner’s faults do not completely cancel them out. Everyone has some weaknesses. The problem is that we focus too much on the imperfections, completely ignoring the strengths. This contributes to a negative perception of the other person.

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See the advantages in character differences

We tend to treat character differences as a problem. We think that they hinder communication and take away our chances of a happy life. However, it is worth seeing the good things in them too. If we were all the same, we would not be able to complement each other. You, for example, prefer spontaneity, while the other person analyses everything meticulously and calculates the risks. In some situations, both of you will benefit from your approach, in others from your partner’s attitude. When choosing a restaurant, a bit of spontaneity is useful and brings joy to your life together. When creating a business plan, you will benefit from your partner’s analytical skills.

Show your partner gratitude

How do you nurture relationships in a relationship? Show gratitude to your partner for what they do for you. When we get used to certain behaviours, we take them for granted. We think the other person doesn’t deserve words of praise for doing the shopping for the weekend or unclogging the pipe in the bathroom. Unfortunately, our brain tends to focus on the negative aspects of everyday life. Even when a partner buys delicious bread, fresh vegetables and fruit, we are apt to reproach them for forgetting the milk. It’s worth changing your approach and focusing on the positives, thanking him or her for small favours.

Ask your partner out on a date

Improving relationships in a relationship happens through exciting dates. We usually associate them with the privilege of short-lived couples who are just getting to know each other. It’s hard to carve out time for them, especially with young children, although it’s not impossible. It all depends on what priorities we adopt. If we want to go out for dinner for two, we’ll find a babysitter. Dating is exciting, especially when it’s for trying new things. They help break the routine that destroys a relationship. Some of us dream of going out to a restaurant or cinema together. For others, a bike ride or a game of badminton is an interesting option.

Work on the relationship together

Talking together has outlined a direction for change. Now it is time to put them into practice. If there has been an emotional estrangement between you, make sure you get close again. Open up to your partner’s needs and emotions, try to get to know them better. Talk to each other, using assertive communication free of verbal aggression.

Start the process of rebuilding trust

How do you improve your relationship with your spouse after betrayal? Rebuilding trust is key. It is difficult to be together when the betrayed party still has concerns. Working on rebuilding trust does not always produce the desired results. Sometimes the betrayed party feels an excessive need for control or still shows jealousy. Sometimes the pain they are experiencing is too much to start all over again. Fortunately, many couples manage not only to save the relationship, but also to learn valuable lessons from the betrayal. With these in mind, they avoid repeating the mistakes that led to physical and emotional distancing.

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