Why should I look for love and new friendships on the internet?

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Before I suggest how to meet people online, I would like to focus on the advantages. We don’t all live in big cities and have many opportunities to make new human relationships. Research shows that the older we get, the harder it is to meet someone. This is not just about a potential partner/partner, but also about friends and acquaintances. School and university is a time that abounds in interpersonal relationships. We can easily meet someone on a break between classes or at a friend’s birthday party. Finding a steady job, we tend to see the same people over and over again. Returning home, we only dream of resting. Our friends are also struggling with fatigue and overload of responsibilities, so they organise parties less often. As a result, we start to miss out on opportunities to meet new people. Where, then, can we meet new people? Networking allows you to reach out to people you wouldn’t have met on your journey. Even if we live in the same city, we tend to follow the same paths. This makes it difficult to make new friends. Through networking, we reach out to people who share our interests and have a similar view of the world. When we think of how to meet new people online, we usually think of dating apps. Meanwhile, the Eurovision fan group is a great place to make friends with people who are passionate about the contest. Some of these manage to transfer to the real world, such as arranging to watch the semi-finals and final together. Traditional dating takes time, so meeting new people online seems like a good solution. Everyone is able to set aside a moment in the evening to browse other people’s profiles and write to someone. Meeting new people on the Internet allows us to initially determine whether the other person is a good match for us. Sometimes we can see after just a few exchanged sentences that something is not quite right. Therefore, we don’t waste our time meeting someone and we don’t think about how to get away from it quickly. If someone does not fit in with our expectations, we can very easily end the acquaintance. Some of us are characterised by shyness, which makes it difficult to get to know other people. It is much easier to write to someone than to talk to them on the street. This allows you to gradually leave your comfort zone and get used to talking to another person. If we are non-heteronormative, we find dating more difficult. The social atmosphere is not always conducive to revealing one’s psychosexual orientation, making it difficult to determine whether the person who has caught our eye might be interested in us. Dating sites help to reach out to other non-heteronormative people in our area.

Meeting people online – step by step how to meet new people

Many people wonder how to meet someone online. Finding a portal is usually not a big problem. The most difficult thing is to define your own expectations. If we do not know who we are looking for, we will often face disappointment and dissatisfaction. People who know their own needs and can identify what they disapprove of in others tend to have more satisfying relationships. Ideally, our expectations include not only physical characteristics such as height, hair colour and body build, but also personality. For example, if we spend every weekend being active, we won’t necessarily get along with a person who appreciates movie marathons. No form of leisure activity is better or worse than another. Nevertheless, differences often lead to conflicts. If we don’t approve of something, such as smoking cigarettes, then we shouldn’t date people who use this kind of substance.

Where to meet people online?

When we think about how to find someone online, we usually reflexively point to dating portals and apps. A good place to make new friends are themed groups. Fans of fantasy, Eurovision, board games, manga or fashion often share our passions. We have a lot of topics in common with the members of these groups, which we can bring up in conversation. We won’t necessarily find the love of our life there, but we will certainly meet many interesting people.
Where to meet a guy on the internet? Dating apps seem to be a good place to start a new relationship. Some of them are free, others charge a fee to use them. We can assume that if someone is paying the cost, they represent a more serious approach to forming human relationships. However, this is not the rule, so it is always a good idea to keep your distance and not commit to an acquaintance until you know someone well. If we are going to use dating apps, let’s read reviews about them. Some are mainly for casual sex. Others bring together people looking for a permanent relationship.

Portals where you can meet someone online

How do you find love on the internet? Some people find it useful to use dating sites for this purpose. Each site has a slightly different profile. You can find dating sites for gays, lesbians, transgender people, single parents, Catholics, atheists, etc. Strict specialisation makes it easier to find the right person. At the same time, it avoids disappointment on important issues such as religion or single parenthood.

How do I find the right person on the Internet?

Although new dating apps and portals are constantly being developed, there are still many people who ask themselves: how do I meet someone worthwhile online? To begin with, let’s consider where we want to look for a potential partner. If we want a permanent relationship, let’s avoid apps that are dominated by people who prefer casual sex. Let’s also learn to set clear boundaries and communicate our expectations. Completing a profile often seems difficult, but it also allows you to formulate your own needs. If someone catches your eye, don’t write to them until you have read their profile. It may turn out that he or she smokes cigarettes, is only looking for sex or has a child from another relationship, which is not necessarily to our liking. Let’s be honest with ourselves and the other person. Let’s not delude ourselves that in time we will somehow accept the smell of cigarettes. Don’t delude yourself that someone who is not ready for a permanent relationship will suddenly change their mind. If the interlocutor’s behaviour doesn’t suit us, let’s drop further correspondence. Intuition usually sends us valuable information, but sometimes we underestimate it, which results in another unsuccessful date.

How do I start a conversation with someone online?

Meeting new people online is easier than chatting to random passers-by on the street. Many of us lack the courage to approach a person who has caught our eye. We are afraid of their reaction and rejection. On the Internet, it is easier to write to someone who makes a positive impression on us. The problem is that every user of a dating site or app receives a lot of messages every day. If ours doesn’t stand out, it could be ignored. How do you find love on the internet? When approaching another person, it’s a good idea to pique their interest. Check what she writes about herself, what photos she adds. This information will help you start a topic that will intrigue the other person. If someone doesn’t reply to your message, avoid urging them. Remember not to put anyone on the spot.

Meeting people on the Internet – advantages and disadvantages of online relationships

Meeting people online helps to establish many valuable relationships. Some people find friends through social networks and discussion groups. Others fall in love with each other. Virtual friendships can sometimes be transferred to the real world and enrich our lives. Unfortunately, there are also pitfalls online.

Advantages of online friendships

We already know how to meet people on the Internet. It is best to choose the right portal or app for this purpose. Discussion groups, which bring together people who are passionate about a particular subject, also seem to be a good solution. Here are some of the advantages of meeting people online.
-The Internet allows you to reach out to people you don’t see every day. It expands our network of potential contacts.

-It helps non-heteronormative people, who have more difficulty making friends because of their orientation, to find the right partner.

-Meeting people online will work well for busy people who do not have time for casual dating. They can write to interesting users in the evening and, after some time, make an appointment with one of them.

-Dating sites allow you to carry out an initial assessment. Often, just the first few sentences reveal that the other person is not right for us.

-Dating apps help tame the discomfort of talking to strangers, which is why they are a popular choice for shy people.

-The internet allows you to filter the results based on, among other things, addictions, passions, age or attitude to children. This makes it easier to find the right person.
Disadvantages of meeting people online

Meeting people online has its disadvantages. Some of us fall into the ‘best choice’ trap. Since we can reach so many potential partners/partners so easily online, our expectations rise. We find it hard to give up further searching for one person. We don’t want to limit ourselves if there is someone ‘better’ waiting somewhere. As a result, we sometimes date for several years, but no acquaintance is deepened. The web is used for self-creation. Some people alter their photos and even use someone else’s image to arouse more interest among other users. The Internet makes it possible for anyone to be whoever they want to be. Some introduce themselves as doctors, lawyers. Others talk about their spectacular careers. We also lie about more mundane matters such as attitudes to children, monogamy or pets. We act this way to avoid rejection. Failing to tell the truth always ends in disappointment. During a meeting, it will be revealed that we are nothing like a footballer or a famous model. Going to the theatre together will expose our lack of interest in this art form. Although lying is often used to make us look more attractive, there are people online who use it to defraud us. Some create themselves as single businessmen who need funds for their children’s treatment. They pledge to pay them back quickly. Infatuation leads some people to transfer money to their account, believing that they have found the love of their life. Meeting people online has a lot of advantages, but it is worth taking care of your safety. We never know who is on the other side. You may end up with a matrimonial scammer, rapist, murderer or thief. Let’s not share information with the caller that will lead them to our place of residence or work. Let’s not give him or her our phone number to begin with, because we never know what he or she will use it for. Some people are untruthful about their marital status. Someone who is supposed to be single has been married for years and has no intention of getting divorced. There is no shortage of people in stable relationships who are looking for casual sex. We never know who we have come across. If someone doesn’t want to meet in a public place, it’s better to cut off the acquaintance. Dating over the internet has another disadvantage. It’s difficult for us to determine whether there will be a spark in the real world. Sometimes we write well with someone and in person there is a lack of mutual attraction. After a few minutes of meeting, we know that nothing will come of it and we want to go home as soon as possible. There is also a risk of falling into behavioural addiction. If, at a certain point, we spend too much time on a dating app and our work and social life suffers, it’s a sign that the situation is out of control. Meeting people online sometimes contributes to treating them objectively. On apps, we often swipe through more people like clothes in an online shop. We judge them harshly and very automatically – wrong nose, hair too thin, shoulders too broad, etc. This not only makes it difficult to create a happy relationship, but also fosters unrealistic demands.

Can meeting people online lead to lasting relationships?

Internet portals are conducive to making many acquaintances. Some of them succeed in transferring to the real world. Sometimes the first meeting turns out to be the last. Sometimes, however, the web is the beginning of lasting and valuable relationships. We already know how to make friends online. We already know how to get to know people through the Internet, for example through thematic groups and Eurovision/old cars/racing rallies. It is worth ensuring that the relationship that was forged on the Internet is transferred to the real world. If it “clicks” between us, it will not end with just one meeting. Subsequent encounters will help us assess the future of the relationship and possibly develop it in the desired direction. We can find friends and a permanent partner online. A lot depends on whether there is a mutual understanding and chemistry. A kind of ‘magnetism’ is also needed in friendships, although there is no erotic subtext. Sometimes we just feel that we are on the right track with someone and we get along very well, so we arrange to have dinner or go to a concert together.

Dangers of online friendship – what to look out for and how not to be fooled?

If you are wondering how to meet someone online, use the following safety tips. The web allows you to find love and friendship, but there is no shortage of people with bad intentions. Keep in mind that there is a full cross-section of society on the web, including potential scammers. What should you pay particular attention to? The choice of photos and information about yourself plays a key role. On the one hand, it brings us closer to our person, but on the other, it must not put us in danger. We should avoid uploading photographs that identify our place of work or residence. Protect your privacy, including your name and phone number. We never know who will look at our profile and what they will do with the information we share with them. Let’s protect ourselves in case of stalking. If we feel that something doesn’t feel right, let’s trust our intuition. It uses information in our subconscious that we do not currently have direct access to. Often, it compares a given conversation with an accumulated ‘database’ and sees a disturbing similarity. Cut off conversations with people who sound alarm bells. Never transfer money to a person you do not know, even if they seem interesting and credible. There is a high risk that they will never get back to you. People who practice love bombing when they don’t even know you are not the best candidates for a partner. They act in this way to weaken your vigilance, take control of you and manipulate you. There is also the risk that they are skilled pick-up artists. Love bombing is an action that people suffering from narcissistic personality disorder and psychopaths often opt for. People who form healthy relationships first try to get to know someone. Dating them is enjoyable, but nothing like the screen adaptations of bestselling romances. Initially, try to get to know someone better to assess whether dating them makes sense and seems safe. If someone reacts with refusal to subsequent offers to meet, cut the acquaintance. It is not worth engaging in virtual conversations with people who do not want to continue the relationship in the real world. Ask a friend to drive you to your first date and wait outside the venue for a while. If you don’t like anything, leave and go away. Make your safety a priority. Remember to keep someone close to you informed of your planned dates, meeting places and happy returns home.

Bottom line – how and where to meet people online?

You already know how to meet someone new online. Any place is good for making interpersonal relationships. A discussion forum, a Facebook topic group, a blogger’s rally, dating portals and apps – you can find valuable people everywhere. Some friendships can be transferred to the real world and sometimes even develop into friendships or permanent relationships. The Internet puts you in contact with people you will probably never meet on the street. It is a good solution for shy people who find it difficult to start a conversation with strangers. Dating apps are very popular among non-heteronormative people who find it hard to find a partner in their immediate surroundings. Online dating has a lot of advantages, allowing you to filter results by interests, religion or age, among other things. Unfortunately, they encourage the objectification of other people. Sometimes we fall into the ‘best choice’ trap. We don’t bond with a valuable person because we don’t know if we won’t find someone more interesting or physically attractive on the application. The numerous ‘options’ are not good for decision-making. Although love and friendship can be found online, there are also potential dangers lurking online. We do not know who is on the other side of the screen and whether they are who they say they are. Sometimes a date ends in disappointment when we discover that the 26-year-old is 50 and has posted a retouched photo online. Sometimes someone tries to extort money from us or appears aggressive. Always arrange first dates in public places and let your nearest and dearest know so that they can rush to your aid.

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