Why do women cheat?

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It is widely accepted that it is men who cheat more often. However, ladies are not immune to infidelity either. It is important to understand the reasons for entering into a close relationship with another person who is not your regular partner. And there may indeed be many of them!

Infidelity means something different to each person. For some, a simple flirtation, an online conversation with a stranger, a passionate kiss is already a sign of infidelity. Infidelity is not only about sexual contact with another person, it is also about establishing an emotional relationship. Women in particular have a big problem with this. For them, sex is often also about their feelings for a person. Therefore, infidelity on the part of ladies can have worse consequences. Nowadays, it is much easier to have an affair and get to know the other person. An excellent medium for infidelity is the Internet. And so from a simple chat on an instant messenger, a deeper relationship is established over time. One of the most common reasons for divorce is the infidelity of a partner.

The number of divorces is increasing. It has increased significantly over the last 20 years! It is more frequent in larger cities than in villages. The most common causes of divorce are:

-incompatibility of characters,
-alcohol abuse,
-prolonged absence,
-domestic violence (psychological and physical),
-financial disagreements,
-differences in world view,
-sexual deficiency,
-housing difficulties,

What can be done to keep a relationship happy and avoid infidelity?

There is no perfect recipe for a happy relationship. Problems happen in every marriage. The best way to keep a relationship happy is to work at it every day and not let go even when routine creeps in. If a couple is willing to fight for their relationship, take care of each other, spend time together, support each other and communicate their needs clearly, a third party can be avoided in the relationship.

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